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Educational video content is so good because they are heavily watched and you portray yourself as the expert in your field. At Vimi, we produce engaging and effective videos that will make you a stand out.

Why Choose Vimi

When it comes to transforming your ideas into captivating visual narratives, here's why Vimi stands above the rest

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Affordable Excellence

Quality videos shouldn't cost a fortune. With Vimi, you get end-to-end video services and pay 3x less than other agencies in Melbourne.

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Local Storytellers

As a Melbourne-based company, we know the local vibe and can create relatable testimonial videos that speak directly to your audience

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Fast Turnaround, Uncompromised Quality

We value your time. Our team delivers high-quality videos within a week (Faster than 80% of agencies in Australia), so you can start sharing your customer's stories without delay.

Our Process

We use professional cameras, lighting, and audio equipment to capture the perfect shot. Our experienced team works hard to make sure that every video has the desired look and feel


We will provide strategic advice so that we are creating the best video to meet your desired objective.


Our professional video team will conduct the interviews and capture additional footage as needed.


Our team of talented editors will turn captured raw footage into a compelling story, complete with colour grading, graphics, licensed music and subtitles if needed.


We will deliver your final video in formats based on where you will be sharing your video.

Start Your Video Project with Vimi!

Your brand deserves a video that captivates, engages, and inspires. At Vimi, we're passionate about transforming your ideas into compelling visual narratives. If you're ready to take the leap, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Let's create something extraordinary together.