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October 5, 2023 | 7 min read

Your Guide to Instagram Videos, Courtesy of Melbourne's

Your Guide to Instagram Videos, Courtesy of Melbourne's


Instagram isn’t just about snapshots anymore. It's a dynamic stage, showcasing captivating videos that tell stories. Brands in Melbourne, and worldwide, are harnessing this medium, seeking that perfect blend of message and medium. And right here in our hometown, there's - an ace in this game, leading brands to find their unique video voice.

As Instagram broadens its horizons, the lines between personal moments and brand messages are blurring. The essence now lies in authenticity and creativity. With's expertise, brands are not just joining conversations; they're starting them.

The Good Old Feed Videos

Feed videos are those timeless snippets that chronicle a brand's journey. They are the milestones, the behind-the-scenes looks, the essence distilled into short visuals. ensures that these videos are crafted to perfection, embodying the brand's ethos and connecting with the audience at an emotional level.

With Melbourne as its backdrop, captures the city's spirit, infusing local flavors into videos. From iconic landmarks to subtle nuances, Vimi ensures Melbourne businesses feel genuinely local and globally relevant at the same time.

The Flashy Instagram Stories

Stories are like the daily journals of Instagram. Here today, gone tomorrow but leaving an indelible mark. They capture the pulse of the moment, the immediate reactions, and the transient trends. And excels at turning these fleeting moments into evergreen memories, creating stories that echo long after they vanish.

Melbourne's vibrant scene offers endless content for Stories, and with Vimi’s intuitive understanding, brands are sharing slices of Melbourne life that resonate with both locals and the global audience. It is the perfect blend of familiarity and discovery.

Jumping onto the Reels Train

Reels have transformed how we consume content. In a few seconds, they can make us laugh, think, or join a global trend., with its finger on the cultural pulse, crafts Reels that are a magnet for engagement, making brands stand out in the crowded space.

And it's not just about hopping onto trends. Vimi's approach ensures that Melbourne businesses carve out their niche, creating signature Reels that are true to their identity while being universally relatable and shareable.

Real Talk with Instagram Live

Real Talk with Instagram Live

Live sessions break down the digital walls between brands and audiences. They are the unscripted, candid heart-to-heart chats that strengthen bonds. With's guidance, businesses are mastering this art, turning casual sessions into impactful engagements.

Whether it's an in-depth discussion about a product launch or a casual day at the Melbourne office, ensures that the Live sessions feel personal, inviting, and genuinely interactive. It's about turning viewers into participants.

Choosing Your Style

Finding one’s unique style can be daunting in the vast realm of Instagram videos. But has been a beacon for many, illuminating the path. They dive deep into the brand's essence, extracting what resonates and shaping it into video narratives that captivate.

It’s not just about being visible; it’s about being remembered. And as Melbourne brands seek their distinctive voice in the cacophony, is there, orchestrating symphonies that linger on the audience's mind.

Local Legends Lighting Up Instagram

Melbourne is brimming with stories, with every brand holding a unique tale. Some inspire, some entertain, but with's magic touch, they all stand out. They’ve been instrumental in spotlighting local brands, turning them into the legends of Instagram.

From cafes that encapsulate Melbourne's coffee culture to startups redefining industries, Vimi's video expertise ensures that every story is told with the passion and authenticity it deserves, making local brands shine on the global stage.

What’s Next?

Change is the only constant on Instagram. As it evolves, so do the storytelling techniques., with its forward-thinking approach, ensures Melbourne brands are not just adapting but leading. They're readying brands for tomorrow, today.

With each update, feature, or trend, there lies an opportunity to innovate.'s proactive approach ensures that Melbourne brands aren't just playing catch-up but are setting the pace, dictating the trends, and crafting the future narrative of Instagram.

Wrapping Up

In the vast digital realm of Instagram, it's the videos that leave lasting imprints. They're the storytellers, the connectors, the game-changers. At the heart of Melbourne’s video revolution is, a partner for brands looking to craft their legacy.

If the world of Instagram videos feels vast and daunting, remember: with the right partner, it becomes a canvas waiting for your story. And with by your side, every story becomes a masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. Why are videos popping up everywhere on Instagram?

You've noticed it too, right? Videos are like the new cool kid on Instagram's block. It's simple: they're super engaging and tell more of a story than a static image ever could. Think about it – with a video, you're inviting people into a moment with you. And on a platform like Instagram where it's all about visuals, it's no surprise videos are king. Plus, there's something about watching a video that feels so... immediate and personal.

2. How's different from all the other video guys in Melbourne?

Well, imagine blending the heart of Melbourne with some worldwide savvy – that's Vimi for you. These folks aren't just about making videos; they're about capturing the city's spirit, its rhythm. But they're also on top of global trends. So, it's like getting the best of both worlds. And trust me, in a sea of content, that kind of authentic, globally-aware touch? It's golden.

3. Stories vs. Feed Videos on Instagram - What's the real deal?

Here’s the tea: Stories are like your day's highlights. They're temporary, fresh, and spontaneous. Feed Videos? They stick around. It's like the difference between sharing a fun moment from a party and a well-thought-out photo album. Stories are about the 'right now', while Feed Videos are the chapters in your Instagram storybook.

4. I'm seeing Reels everywhere! How do I get in on that?

Reels are the new rave, aren’t they? They’re all about jumping on trends and being super creative. If you really want your Reels to stand out, teaming up with someone like can give you that edge. They've got this knack for pinpointing what's trending and crafting it in a way that's just... magnetic.

5. Why are brands so obsessed with going Live on Instagram?

Going Live is like hosting a virtual open house. It’s real, raw, and oh-so interactive. It's a way for brands to say, "Hey, let's hang out!" in real-time. Answering questions, unveiling a new product, or just giving a peek behind the scenes – it’s all about building that genuine connection. And getting guidance from a pro like Vimi? That's how you make it unforgettable.

6. Is there a one-size-fits-all video style on Instagram?

Honestly? Not really. Just like everyone has their own vibe, each brand has its own story. What works wonders for one might not click for another. But that's where the magic of comes in. They don’t do cookie-cutter; they tailor-make video strategies to amplify what's unique about each brand.

7. How does make their videos feel so... Melbourne-y?

Right? There's a certain 'Melbourne' vibe you can't fake. Vimi's rooted deep in the city's culture. They capture the artsy scenes, those iconic laneways, and even the coffee buzz. With them, every video is like a love letter to Melbourne, making viewers both local and global feel the city's heartbeat.

8. How often should I drop videos on my Instagram?

Think quality over quantity. Instead of a flood of videos, focus on sharing stuff that resonates. With a partner like, they can help strategize so that every video feels like an event, not just another post. Remember, it's all about creating moments that people wait for.

9. Can I share my Instagram videos on other platforms too?

For sure! While every platform has its own flavor, great content is a universal language. With a few tweaks here and there, your Insta videos can shine everywhere. And if you're wondering about those tweaks, knows just how to remix it for each platform's vibe.

10. So, how do I get started with

Starting your video journey with Vimi is like catching up with a friend with all the insider tips. Just hit them up, chat about what you're envisioning, and watch them bring it to life, all while making sure it's got that authentic Melbourne touch and global appeal.

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