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June 26, 2023 | 3 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Location Scouting for Video Production

The Ultimate Guide to Location Scouting for Video Production
Melbourne's rich tapestry of locations offers endless possibilities for video production. It's not just about finding a place to shoot; it's about capturing the city's unique spirit in every frame

Melbourne, with its eclectic mix of modern skyscrapers, historic alleys, serene parks, and dynamic coastlines, has long been a sought-after destination for filmmakers and photographers alike. As Melbourne video production continues to thrive, location scouting in this vibrant city becomes even more vital. Selecting the right Melbourne backdrop can amplify the narrative, provide authenticity, and leave viewers captivated. Here's a deeper look into the art of location scouting in Melbourne

The Essence of Location Scouting for Melbourne Video Production

The perfect locale in Melbourne video production isn't just about the visuals; it’s about capturing the city's unique spirit. Whether it's the bustling laneways of the CBD or the tranquil beaches of St. Kilda, each location offers a story.

Key Considerations in Melbourne's Location Scouting Video Production

  • Narrative Compatibility: Is a historic Melbourne tram ride apt for your story, or does the sleek architecture of Docklands better fit the mood?
  • Logistics: Melbourne's diverse locations come with varied challenges – from navigating CBD traffic to considering the tides at Brighton Beach.
  • Budget Constraints: Some iconic Melbourne spots may come with higher permit costs.
  • Lighting: The play of sunlight in Melbourne's Botanic Gardens can offer a different feel than the neon-lit lanes of Chinatown.
  • Sound: Busy areas like Federation Square may pose audio challenges due to crowds.
  • Safety: While Melbourne is known for its safety, always consider factors like crowd control, especially during city events or festivals.

Tools of the Trade

  • Digital Maps: Scouting Melbourne via virtual maps can provide an overview of potential spots.
  • Melbourne Location Scouting Apps: Several local apps cater specifically to Melbourne video production, offering insights into unique city locations.
  • Photography: Capture the essence of Melbourne's locations to assist in decision-making later.

Legalities and Permissions

  • Permits: Melbourne's landmarks, parks, and public spaces often require permits, especially for commercial video production.
  • Location Agreements: Always ensure there's mutual understanding between Melbourne property owners and production teams.
  • Insurance: It's vital, especially in high-traffic Melbourne areas where unforeseen incidents can occur.

Challenges in Melbourne Location Scouting Video Production

  • Changing Environments: Melbourne's "four seasons in one-day" weather can pose unexpected challenges.
  • Unforeseen Costs: Like any major city, unexpected costs can arise – from parking fees in Melbourne's CBD to special permissions for drone shots over the Yarra River.
  • Local Disruptions: Respect Melbourne's vibrant local life – from respecting café goers in Degraves Street to working around AFL game days.

The Human Element: Building Relationships

Building good relationships with local Melbourne communities and businesses can offer unique access to otherwise off-limits locales.

The Role of the Melbourne Location Manager

Having a location manager familiar with Melbourne's ins and outs is invaluable. Their local knowledge ensures seamless Melbourne video production, capturing the city's essence without hiccups.


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Melbourne's rich tapestry of locations offers endless possibilities for video production. Successful location scouting in Melbourne is about merging creativity with practicality, ensuring the city's spirit shines through in every frame. As Melbourne video production continues to flourish, the art of finding the perfect backdrop remains paramount.

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