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August 21, 2023 | 3 min read

Best Practices for Exporting Video

Best Practices for Exporting Video

When strolling through Melbourne, one might chance upon film crews capturing scenes, lighting up streets, and creating magic. This magic, once crafted, needs to find its way to screens everywhere, and that's where exporting plays a vital role. Join us on a journey through the world of exporting within Melbourne Video Production.

What is Exporting

Imagine writing a beautiful letter. Once done, you place it in an envelope, seal it, and send it out. Exporting in the video is quite similar. It's about preparing and packing the video so that it can be watched by everyone, everywhere.

The Importance of Exporting

After all the hard work - shooting, editing, and color correcting - videos need to be shared. Exporting ensures the videos are in the right format, quality, and size to reach audiences across different platforms.

The Steps of Exporting

  1. Choosing the Format: Videos can be in many formats. Some are best for TV, some for cinema, and some for online platforms. The team picks the right one.
  2. Setting the Quality: This step decides how clear the video will look. For big screens, very high quality is chosen.
  3. Compression: Videos can be very big in size. Compression makes them smaller without losing much quality. It's like folding a big map into a pocket-sized one.
  4. Adding Metadata: This is like adding an address to our letter. Metadata includes information like the video's title, creator, and more.
  5. Final Check: Before sending it out, the video is played one last time to make sure everything is perfect.
  6. Sending to Platforms: Now, the video is ready to be shared! It might go to a TV station, a cinema, or online platforms like YouTube.

Bits to Know

  • Tools Matter: Just as a post office has different tools to send letters, Melbourne Video Production uses special software for exporting.
  • Time Counts: Depending on the video size and quality, exporting can take some time.
  • Team Effort: Exporting might seem like a technical step, but it requires teamwork. The exporting team, editors, and directors often work together.


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Challenges in Exporting

  1. File Sizes: Very big videos might take a long time to export or might face issues while being played.
  2. Keeping Quality: When compressing, it's a challenge to maintain the video's clarity and quality.
  3. Compatibility: The video needs to be in a format that can be played everywhere – from big cinema screens to small mobile phones.

Wrapping Up

Exporting is the bridge between Melbourne Video Production studios and audiences everywhere. It's a blend of technical knowledge, patience, and teamwork. So, when you next press play on a Melbourne-made video, remember the journey it took to reach you!

"Exporting is the unsung hero of Melbourne Video Production, the bridge that carries Melbourne's stories from the studio's heart to screens worldwide."

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